China as a Study Abroad Destination for International Students

China is the perfect destination when it comes to higher education. It has the best universities for a host of disciplines such as medicine and engineering. It is one of the top destinations in the world for technical education as well.

Why Study in China?

China is one of the top study destinations in the world because of its world class universities and ancient culture. According to CUCAS (China’s University and College Admission System) which has been launched by the Chinese government for international students, in the year 2012, there were over 320,000 students from 180 countries who took up degree as well as non-degree programs at Chinese higher educational institutions.

According to Ministry of Education of China, "in 2019, the total spending on education in China was RMB 5,017.5 billion, up 8.74% from 2018, of which government spending on education was RMB 4,004.9 billion, up 8.25% from 2018. Government spending on education mainly included spending allocated from budgets for general public finance and budgets for government managed funds, allocations from state-owned and state-controlled enterprises, and educational inputs from school-based enterprises and their social service revenue."

China is a popular destination for international students because of its unique blend of tradition and modernity. International students can benefit from meeting people across ethnicities in China’s higher educational institutions. China also has various cities and towns which vary in terms of their climate and landscape. This offers the perfect opportunity for international students to explore the landscape.

Due to rapid economic development over the last 40 years, Chinese cities and towns are known for their modern technology and amazing architecture. China also has well developed transportation infrastructure which makes it very easy for international students to commute across distances.  There are subways, buses and taxis for students to travel with ease. China’s high speed trains reach a maximum of 300 km per hour and provide amazing services.

Another reason for studying in China is the affordable cost of higher education in this country. Living as well as studying in China is less expensive than other countries such as the US, EU nations and Japan. Non-EU students are charged very expensive tuition fees for studying in European nations. Asian nations such as Japan are also costly when it comes to higher education. Living expenses can be as high as 1800 dollars a month here.

According to CUCAS, tuition fees per semester in China do not exceed 100 dollars. Some of the short term language courses cost less than a few hundred dollars. Food and accommodation costs are also very low in this country.

China has been the world’s fastest growing economy in recent times. Its GDP is quite high and it is emerging as one of the leading economies in the world. The top 500 companies in the world operate in China. Many Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing are the Asian headquarters of leading corporate groups. Therefore finding a job in China is not tough. International students can gain access to good job opportunities following the completion of their education in China.

China also scores when it comes to quality education and international recognition. Unique programs such as those for Chinese language, martial arts and calligraphy draw students from all over the world. Degree programs in subjects such as medicine, engineering, science and business administration available at Chinese colleges and universities are known for their excellence. According to CUCAS, the Chinese government has signed an agreement on mutual recognition of academic qualifications with over 69 countries including the US and the UK. Chinese academic qualifications are recognized all over the world.

The interesting culture of this nation is also a good reason to opt for higher studies here. China is home to over 56 different ethnicities. Students who want a rich and rewarding cultural experience should definitely opt for higher studies here.
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