Essentials to Remember for International Students in China

China is one of the top countries in the world when it comes to living standards and educational excellence. As an international student, you need to follow certain guidelines and tips so that your stay here turns out comfortable.
  • Living cost in China is extremely reasonable. As an international student you will really enjoy living in this country. You can also use the breaks to travel around Asia and China.

  • China’s most expensive city currently is Beijing. But even the cost of staying and studying here is really cheap. According to CUCAS, you can live for $15 per day. The rent of an apartment costs around $250 to 350. Those on a tight budget can opt for work-study programs.

  • Smaller cities in China have cheaper rentals of $150 per month. Public transportation costs are also extremely affordable. For instance, taxi fare is as low as 30 US cents per km in Beijing according to CUCAS. 1 China has one of the best railway systems in the world and it is extremely convenient and affordable to travel through this.
  • The official language of China is Mandarin or Putonghua. Mandarin is spoken throughout the country. Most Chinese also speak the local dialects of their city or town. The Beijing dialect most closely resembles Mandarin. CUCAS has also provided a list of important Chinese Expressions you can use to communicate in China.

  • Local food in China is different from one region to another. Central provinces such as Hunan are known for spicy food while locals in northern China serve noodles and rice dumplings. Cantonese involves light flavours. Cuisines from other nations are also readily available in Chinese cities and towns.
  • International food is also widely available all over China. There are also Buddhist restaurants for strict vegetarians. Eating cost in China is extremely low. A fast food chain costs between 5 and 25 RMB while local restaurants charge anywhere between 25 to 45 RMB for Chinese and international dishes, according to CUCAS.
  • Chinese universities have comfortable and decent dormitories for foreign students. There is enough space and many modern facilities in the dorms. You can also rent an apartment off the campus if you are unable to manage a bed at the dorm.

  • You can learn more about the accommodation here.

  • Some official websites for international students in China include and

  • Application fee between 60 and 120 US dollars is paid to the university following enrolment. Insurance costs 300 RMB per semester. Insurance for a year costs 600 RMB.

  • Medical treatment in China is also reasonable. It costs between 100 to 200 RMB. China has a lot of facilities and amenities.
  • Single/double room dorms are available in a lot of cities and towns across China. Living expenses in China are far from uniform however. Bigger cities cost more than smaller towns or coastal cities.                                
  • Living on or off campus should be based on whether you want to live close to the university as well as the amount of money you can afford to spend on accommodation.

  • Travelling in and around different cities in China is extremely cheap and you can visit a lot of places using public transportation.

  • Student dining halls at universities are most economical. The Chinese government and the Ministry of Education give food subsidies to students as well. Many restaurants and eateries in China are also reasonably priced.

  • Internet access is provided in many dorms and students pay around 100 RMB per month for this facility. Off campus as well as internet cafes abound. Wireless internet is also readily available in cafes and restaurants in China.
  • Local phone calls in China can be made at very low costs. Getting a local phone number is very easy in China. International calls can be extremely expensive however. Skype services are also available in China.

  • China’s bookstores are extremely reasonable as well. You can get quality textbooks from the universities as well.
China has one of the most efficient and well organized higher educational systems in the world. Studying here is the top choice of elite students from across the world.
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