Travel and Visa Requirements for International Students in China - Part 2

According to Chinese education officers, international students should ensure that they have medical insurance. The existing university student insurance programs do not cover foreign students unless they are scholarship winners or have insurance cover from their government. University students in Chinese higher educational institutions are entitled to medical insurance from the government that exempts them from payment for inpatient as well as outpatient healthcare services.

International students who are winners of the Chinese government scholarship are also entitled to medical insurance. Apart from this, foreign students who are funded by their own government are also given health insurance of claim limit amounting to 400,000 Yuan. Foreign students are required to get their own health insurance. Individual universities are responsible for ensuring that international students opt for health insurance.

The Ministry of Education in China has currently partnered with an insurance firm for formulating a special insurance scheme for foreign students for settling claims of up to 400,000 Yuan. Some domestic universities such as Zhenjiang also make it compulsory for international students to buy insurance policy recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Education before registering for a program.


Living expenses in China are minimal. High quality accommodation is readily available in this nation for international students. International students can opt for on-campus accommodation or a university hotel. They can also choose to go in for off campus accommodation.

On Campus Accommodation for International Students in China

Dormitories located within the campus have all the necessary facilities needed for everyday living. You also have access to communal kitchens and refrigerators. Universities located in North China also have heaters which can be used during the winters. The dormitories offer single, deluxe or double rooms which can be shared with classmates. Each university offers specific types of accommodations for its students. The Beijing Language and Culture University has 6 accommodation options for its students including single, double and economic double rooms, for instance.

Off Campus Accommodation for International Students in China

International students may opt for off campus locations. Cost of renting housing off campus premises varies based on factors such as location, state of the apartment and amenities offered. CUCAS estimates that international students in Beijing pay up to 3000 RMB for accommodation off campus in cities like Beijing. You can also check for cheaper accommodation in smaller cities.

A school accommodation booking service is provided by CUCAS to help international students make bookings for dorms in the university campus. Learn more about this service. It is provided free of cost through CUCAS for all foreign students who apply through it.

The cost of apartments and dormitories varies from one location in the city to another. The size of the accommodation is an important determinant of its cost. A one bedroom apartment with shared bath and kitchenette is cheaper. Larger apartments are costlier. Moreover, apartments located close to major transport hubs such as bus depots or subway stations are also costlier.
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