Admission Requirements for Master’s Degree Programs in China

Chinese higher education institutions such as universities offer master’s degree programs in Chinese medium generally, according to the China Scholarship Council.  Applicants who do not know Chinese must take language courses for 1 to 2 years before they can begin studies. Candidates for certain subjects must study Chinese for 1 year. This includes students who apply for science, engineering, western medicine, agriculture, management, economics and law.

Students who have applied for subjects such as literature, history, traditional Chinese medicine, philosophy, Chinese herbal medicine must study the language for at least 2 years.

Some Chinese universities also offer master’s degree programs and non-degree courses in English. Applicants for these degree courses do not need to learn Chinese or take a course in the language. There are numerous programs for international students in China.

Each master’s degree program lasts for about 2 to 3 years.

Entrance Tests Requirements

Students who apply for master’s degree programs may be required to take entrance examinations of the particular university they are seeking admission for. For Mandarin or Chinese medium programs, students are required to take the HSK exam for Chinese proficiency. Students can be awarded elementary, intermediary or advanced degrees depending upon their level of proficiency in the language.

Apart from this, the admission requirements for Master’s degree programs in China is that; students must be 18 years or above and they must have a Bachelor’s degree from a university. They must also provide one to two letters of recommendation from professors. Students who have studied in a Chinese university must obtain permission from it before transferring to another university.

Courses Offered

A vast number of master’s degree programs in Chinese and English medium are offered by Chinese universities and colleges. There are a huge number of MBBS and MBA programs offered in China. Courses are available in various disciplines such as engineering, arts, humanities, science, business administration and medicine. Within a particular field, there are courses designed for particular sub-fields. For instance, within medicine, students can opt for traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine or even Chinese herbal medicine.

China’s government has also initiated a program to create an elite set of international universities in this country. These universities benefit from preferential policies and additional funding and are considered to be the best higher educational institutions in the country. The Project 985 and Project 211 universities are elite institutions which have been nurtured and developed by the Chinese government. Choosing a university also depends upon the major you want to opt for. For instance, if you want to learn Chinese, the Beijing Language and Culture University is the best option.

Admission Procedure and Academic Calendar

Chinese students can apply directly to the higher educational institution of their choice. International students can opt for admission through the CUCAS portal which provides them with the chance to apply directly through online processes. International students are required to provide a host of documents such as physical health certificate, CV, visa related documents apart from their grade transcripts and letters of recommendation. Since China’s master’s degree programs commence in either March or September, applications have to be made before January end or mid-July respectively.

In the Chinese academic calendar, the two semesters (spring and fall) extend from February- July and September-January, respectively. Some universities consisting of  a higher percentage of international students may commence for the fall semester from October to meet the needs of western academic calendars, specifically universities offering English medium courses in engineering and business master's courses.

International Students

A vast number of international students opt for master’s degree programs in China.

Admission requirements for this are as follows according to CUCAS:

Students should be in good physical health and they must be 18 years old or above. They must have valid foreign passports and they must also hold a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification. Under common circumstances, applicants for degree programs that are Chinese medium must possess a HSK level 4-6 certificate or above. In case this is not possible, they must be able to pass the entrance examination of the university they have applied to. International students must also provide letters of recommendation from their professors in college. They must also lack a criminal record and they must have a certificate of physical health. They should also provide an updated CV of their academic and extra-curricular record apart from grade transcripts.

International students who are not native speakers of English and have opted for an English medium course must have secured satisfactory scores on standardized tests such as TOEFL or IELTS. In case they are native speakers of the language or they hold an academic degree in English, they are exempt from this requirement.

There are numerous master’s degree programs provided in China including applied economics, civil engineering, Chinese pharmacology and clinical medicine. Some Chinese master’s degree programs such as Marxist theory and armament science are specialized. The cost of earning a master’s degree in China is very low and tuition fees vary from 15000 to 50000 Yuan. Many international students opt for postgraduate degree programs in China.
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